Most of the music analyzing services specialize in streaming analytics. But TV and radio broadcasting is no less important part of the music landscape which should also be considered and categorized. Luckily, Radio Tools has it covered with not so many competitors on the market, as stated by the well-known resource on the global music industry — Musically.

Radio Tools running on its unique algorithms listens to more than 48 000 radio stations and 1 200 satellite TV channels all over the world in real time, while storing and analyzing all the data that can be downloaded as reports. You don’t have to upload your tracks if you ever published them on any streaming services, most likely they are already on Radio Tools.

Radio Tools provides analytics and insights that can be useful not only for the artists themselves, but also for managers, PR specialists, record labels, industry insiders and promoters. Basically anyone working in the music industry can use Radio Tools for different reasons:

• To build reports for royalties collection.

• To know where your tracks have the biggest influence and popularity.

• To plan tours.

• To analyze your partners or competitors in the music industry.

«Our main purpose is to collect data on where and when a certain piece of music has been played. We help the music industry by making this information accessible and providing honest reports on the streams. For example, artists, musicians and producers can benefit and increase their income by having an understanding of the exact amount of royalties to be collected. Radio Tools PDF reports contain all the necessary contact information for collective management organisations of every country, so you can download an airplays report, reach out to the CMO and claim the payment you should receive. No need to wait, you can start right now! By the way, Radio Tools gives you two weeks' reports on any artist totally free of charge», — says Daria Goleva, Radio Tools CEO

One of the Radio Tools remarkable advantages is the best prices on the market. One-track subscription will cost you only €1 a month or €10 a year. Subscription to one artist costs €4 a month or €39 a year.

«It is quite a sophisticated task to monitor thousands of TV and radio streams in real time, especially when the fingerprints database includes millions of tracks, — says Daria Goleva. — However, we can handle it. In fact, we are planning to start monitoring podcast streams, so the artists could have access to the information which podcasts used their music as well. No other service can provide you such data today»

The Radio Tools team is working on the complex tasks concerning audio and music, such as using neural network technology to analyze streams, preparing playlists based on the data from worldwide TV and radio plays, and building recommendation algorithms for streaming services.

Radio Tools is a great example of how one can use neural networks and big data analytics to create a useful service for musicians and producers. You can give it a spin or read FAQs on the Radio Tools website.

12 October 2020

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